Built in 1749 and launched on 1750 for King George II, The Royal Caroline was the principal yacht for sail to and from the continent. In 1761 the ship was rechristened "Royal Charlotte" in honor of King George III's intended bride and eventually she was dismantled in 1820.

Not only was the Royal Caroline one of the most splendid yachts ever built, she represented an important stage in the refinement of British shipbuilding. The Admiralty used her as the prototype for a long series of frigates of various classes between 1750 and 1800.

The model is built Admiralty style to a scale of ¼ inch to 1 ft., based on extensive and painstaking research. No time or material was spared for the realization of this model, which has taken 5000 hours to create it as accurately and technically as possible.


Dimensions are as follows:
----- 34" from stern lantern to tip of bowsprit
----- 27" from bottom of keel to tip of main mast
----- 12" wide (width of main yard)
-Hull framing and deck beams are made of bone
-Planking, keel, stern post, stem and all deck fittings are made of ivory
-In-board planking, gun carriages, capstan and companion of the great cabin are made of pink ivory (wood)
-Wales, mastheads, tops, channels, deadeyes, etc. are made of ebony
-Carvings (approx 300 individual pieces) are made of bone, gilt in 22k genuine gold leaf
-Figurehead is made of ivory, gilt in 22k genuine gold leaf
-Lanterns are made of 18k gold plated brass, fastened to stern with 14k solid gold wire
-Rudder chain is 18k solid gold
-Masts and yards are ivory
-Blocks and parrals are ivory (standing rigging blocks-ebony)
-Rigging is linen thread, turned into ropes on a home built rope walk
-Cannons, swivel guns, rigging pins and bell are hand turned on lathe in brass, natural color
-Anchors are handmade, brass and ebony-natural color
-Galley in the hold is handmade, brass-natural color
-All parts glued and pinned with brass wire
-Model stands on 18k gold plated brass, lathe turned pedestals
-Model is housed in 3/16" thick glass case 41" wide, 16" deep and 30" high. Base of case is (max dimensions) 43" long, 18" wide, 40" high, built of ebony and redwood burl veneer.

Museum receives new model
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