About Us
Gabriel Ghazarian is a connoisseur with superior craftsmanship capabilities as well as distinctive woodworking and model ship building ingenuity. He has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and is also multilingual, a master jeweler, artist, and woodworker. He has collected a vast amount of research material by visiting European maritime museums in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Russia as well as the United States, thus, expanding his knowledge and expertise in Marine Art.

Ghazarian is a perfectionist by nature and has been building ship models since the late 1970's using mainly boxwood, ebony, bloodwood, pearwood, as well as bone, ivory, and precious metals. His exceptional work is made from scratch and clearly reflects precision and accuracy, producing meticulous creations which are intricately detailed.

His models of perfection are the result of a lifelong obsession, mainly with 17th and 18th century warships. His lifework has become a passion fed by the challenge of reproducing ancient grandiose marvels of the sea.